Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lovely Little Trinkets 2

A lovely lazy weekend...nothing but resting, eating, washing my hair (been using the dry shampoo too much lately:P) and a little light food shopping late yesterday afternoon. We got home just as the weather suddenly turned from sunny and mild to 'raging rainstorm'. Great timing! Nothing inspiring on the box...'Godzilla' for the umpteenth time. Somehow I got sucked into watching this disaster movie's like junk food, one bite and your hooked. I wish for a channel that's devoted to showing only Jane Austen  films and miniseries...all the versions ever made. Happily I own a few on DVD that I can watch over and over and over again...

Today was even more restful. I thought a lot about this new year and what I would like to accomplish. It was good to spend time in a peaceful atmosphere reading my Bible and praying about this and for my family and friends. The message came from Genesis 1:28 - "And God blessed them and said to them, be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it [using all its vast resources in the service of God and man ]..." AMPLIFIED BIBLE. This message was for me, as thoughts about what to do this year, finding creativity, earning an income, etc. has been filling my mind constantly lately. The knowledge that God has blessed me to do these things has given me a peace and also direction. The part about " the service of God and man ..." reminded me that it's not all about me and what I want. My plans for this year must include God and other people.

Another theme that came up was about having BALANCE in life. Balance means: having the right amount of:
1) healthy nourishment (addressing health & weight);
2) rest (sleep & relaxation);
3) work (purpose);
4) play (enjoying your life & exercising);
5) time alone with God (getting filled up spiritually everyday so that you can go the distance);
6) time to enjoy Godly relationships (blessing family & friends & others that cross your path).
I'll be praying about this everyday...

Friday night I came across a vimeo about 29 ways to stay creative: . It's really good, actually remember about 10 of them:
1. Take breaks (have really been trying to do that...God worked 6 days and rested on the seventh...He's the ultimate Creator!)
2. Sing in the shower (do that a lot:))
3. Get away from the computer (since getting my new laptop, this one's been tough)
4. Carry a notebook everywhere
5. Go somewhere new
6. Try free writing (blogging?)
7. Clean your workspace (can't work in a messy environment anyway)
8. Exchange ideas with others - Collaborate
9. Don't force it
10. Listen to new music.

Now for those other collages I promised. All this 'free writing' is revving up the creative juices...ha really works!

5. Recycled Hardware and Smokey Accent Bead Pendant

This one has a very modern feeling. I don't know what this piece of hardware used to be, but it makes quite a nice piece of 'bling'. Will go great with a snazzy black outfit;)

6. Recycled Washer and Purple Beads Necklace

I've wanted to try making something with washers for a long time and was happy to have had enough 'stuff' to make a matching pair of earrings for this necklace.

7. Wrap-around Bracelet and Deep Purple & Amber Earrings

See, everything I make isn't pink:)

8. Miscellaneous Earrings

What a joy it is to make can create something very pretty very quickly...and wear it directly! Those yellow ones are the cutest...they remind me of fat little bees or tiny angels. I recycled the yellow beads from a decoration that was around a hand lotion someone gave me once as a gift. (The gift that keeps on giving:))

Can't believe January is almost at an end...the time really flew by. Just the other day it was Christmas...



Heaven's Walk said...

Well, welcome to blogland, Surita! You're going to discover such a caring and encouraging community of gals out here! Thanks for the sweet comments you left at Heaven's Walk the other day. Maybe you can confiscate some of those pretty hankies back from your Auntie? lol! I must tell you that your jewelry is just beautiful! You are very talented! :)

xoxo laurie

Tina said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! :0)
I happened to see your reply on Heaven's Walk and thought I would stop by. I love your jewelry it is so pretty.

I am your newest follower; it would be wonderful if you followed me back.

Again, Welcome and I hope you have a wonderful time.