Monday, October 1, 2012

Spring has sprung! (A Photo Diary)

"Happy Spring!" to all those sharing the season with us in the southern hemisphere. Winter has finally moved on and I am grateful for the new life of this blossoming time of the year. Thought I would share some of the photos I took in our garden around the first of September (officially Spring day). It is my favourite season and I always look forward to capturing it's beauty...

These lovelies are the the wild plum's flowers. The wild plum is always the first to show life in our garden after the dry and cold weather of the winter season. This particular tree is one of the babies of the original tree we planted. We have another of its babies that is about waist high now.


My sweet furbaby, Daisy, loves to follow me around in the garden while I play photographer. Her favourite spot is...among the daisies of course:)

These tiny white 'rose like' flowers are from a flowering shrub we know as a Mayflower. In the springtime it is covered with white flowers and looks like a bride standing in the flowerbed.
Delicate Jasmine flowers are synonymous with spring. It wouldn't be spring if their sweet sent did not fill the air... It's one of those smells that activate memories for me. Saturday afternoons with the mixture of Jasmine, "braaivleis" (meat roasting on a fire) and the watermelony arome of fresh cut grass swirling in the air...comforting and so so yummy!  
The Jasmine buds in this pic came out very blurry but did help to create a good photo with Daisy as the focal point. The pinky hues of the buds, the pebbles and the faided teracotta color of the painted paving all blends nicely together...even Daisy's ginger stripes are toning in well here. 
Little Miss Sweety Pie cheking out the down pipe for creepy crawlies she can chase...
I take all of my photographs with my trusty little 2007 Sony Cybershot. My photos mostly come out good...with a few accidental brilliant ones here and there and then a bunch of "not so good" ones scattered in between. Losts of picture taking happens even though the lens is damaged (I dropped the camera in 2009 while taking pics of our Christmas fell on the lens. When I switch it on now I have to hold it with the lens pointing down otherwise the lens comes out skewed and then all the pictures are blurred. It's very tricky to get good pics 'cause some settings and zooming in or out switches the camera off). Hopefully, and despite Cybie's "injury", my pics will only improve as I have now signed up for a free mini digital photography secrets course ( I love macro photography and am looking forward to improving in that area and...well, ALL other photography areas.

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