Monday, July 7, 2014

Character Sketch

"Magdelize" - Mixed Media on Canvas, commissioned by Annalize Burger (all the way from Namibia) as a character sketch.
I met Annalize on an art group on FB, Kom Ons Skilder, and she asked me to do a little experiment with her after seeing the painting "Rosie" that I shared. The experiment would be this: she would give me a character description and I would use it to paint a portrait of that character. I did figure out that it was a description of her beautiful young daughter, but she didn't want a portrait of the real Magdelize. She wanted me to stick to our experiment. Her description of the character "Magdelize" was very detailed and made the job of painting her not overly difficult. The result is a picture of a strong young woman, looking to the future with determination, standing on a solid foundation of faith, family, patriotism & tradition and showing her deep love for the land she was raised on and the animals she cares for. I'm proud of this will be inspiring future paintings.
Love & Blessings!

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