Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pen Drawing Delight

The weather outside is frightful...
As I'm typing away here, my poor feeties are sooo-o cold
even though I have a warm blanket tucked around me,
won't even mention the frosty fingers.
I hope those Capetonians are happy...
leaving the back windows open like that and letting the cold
seep into the rest of the country...shucks!
Anyhoo...I've been doing a bit of drawing and thought I'd share.
Flourish Heart - Pigment Ink Pen Drawing (A4)
Available in PDF format in your choice of colours @ R50 per colour and in sizes A4, A3 & A2.

South African citizens can order prints by emailing me
at suritaDOTbrinkATgmailDOTcom.
I'm not set up for international orders yet, sorry:(
My warm cosy bed is beckoning...sleep tight everyone! 


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